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CCA Member Solutions provides member-based solutions to business associations, co-ops, franchises, buying groups, trade associations, and nonprofits looking to increase participation and engagement. We partner with leaders from these groups to provide innovative tools and resources to their membership of local businesses. We make it easy for our partners to empower their group with managed solutions that are seamlessly customized, implemented, and updated for them. 

Backed by decades of experience

CCA Member Solutions is a division of CCA Global Partners, a privately held cooperative based in the United States with member businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in Australia and New Zealand. Since 1984, CCA Global Partners has provided over 50 solutions to its 12 aligned groups. CCA Member Solutions has packaged that experience to provide those learnings to outside partner networks in order to impact more local businesses. CCA Member Solutions was designed to extend some of CCA’s most powerful digital solutions to member-based partners outside of the cooperative currently spanning over one million member businesses.

Our team

Lindsay Gaskins


Bob Mancarella

VP Technology

Hallie Steube Robinson

VP Marketing

Jason Larson

VP Business Development

Geoffrey Carlson

VP Operations

Jack Lucas

Full Stack Developer

Kyle Brewster

Full Stack Developer

Elijah Hadam

Full Stack Developer

Stephanie Goodwin

Creative Director

Alexis Louie

Frontend Developer

Kerrilee Quinn

Graphic Designer

Mark Hoban

Content Manager

Katelyn Davis

Product Marketing Specialist

Meredith Lemmon

Product Marketing Specialist

Ellen Bayrouty

Marketing Specialist

Dan Keeney

Data Specialist

Sean Pare

Director, Vendor & Organization Partners

Veronica Pratt

Account Relationship Manager

Rachael Diorio

Account Relationship Specialist

Dan Pramis

Business Expert Manager

Melissa Thome

Business Expert Manager

Derek Trotochaud

Member Support Assistant Manager

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