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Convincing your board of directors you need new membership management software?

Focus on growth

Whether you’re working with your team or directly with your members, you know cohesion is key. We go further together, it’s true! But the keys to growing and engaging your members (powerful member databases, easy to use benefits, and effective engagement) are hardly sustainable if you’re juggling them like a disorganized custodian. 

Whether you’re a non-profit, trade association, cooperative, or startup group – chances are you already know you need a flexible, scalable member management system to make life (and growth) easier. So, how do you convince your board? 

Introducing your board to member management software

Let’s face it. The average board of directors isn’t always in-tune with the administration, support, and member outreach that takes place day in and day out. They may not see you using five different spreadsheets, two documents, a handful of apps, and multiple websites to keep your membership based group going and growing

But wait…
What makes us qualified to talk about your board of directors in the first place?

As part of a privately held cooperative with member businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada and in Australia and New Zealand, we know membership. We work with members, the groups they belong to, and the boards that govern them every day (some of us are even on those boards!). With decades of experience building, growing, sustaining, and innovating for small businesses – our team has a unique perspective. And unique challenges require unique solutions, right?

So whether you’re just starting your journey with membership management software or you’ve been burned by an underwhelming experience in the past, we’re here to help.

What is member management software?

Imagine a multi-tool that contains layers upon layers of tools, magically fits in your pocket, and always seems to get you the right gadget, at the right time. That’s exactly what membership management software (like Member Center) does for organizations like yours.  Put simply: it’s a digital platform that unites member databases, benefits, and engagement activities in a powerful, easy to use package that handles a bulk of the administrative work for you. But not all membership management platforms are the same… 

The basic features of a membership management software include:
  • Your secure, private, and easy to access member website

  • Your accurate and easy to update member database

  • Built in communication tools to streamline member engagement and outreach

But what about going beyond basic?

Are you maintaining or are you growing your group?

All of the above features ensure that managing and maintaining your membership group is more streamlined. They’re essential. But maintaining is not growing. 

Your board cares about member growth and retention. Making it faster and easier takes a membership management portal built with a growth-mindset from day one.

By working with cooperatives, small business groups, and trade associations: we’ve learned it takes more than just “management” to go from onboarding new members to building loyalty that lasts for years. For the small businesses in your network and your organization itself: growth happens by delivering value, data, and support that are easy to use. Does your membership software have both? 

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Consider these four growth-focuses as you make your case for a new membership software

Focus on flexibility

A flexible and customizable set of small business tools offers something for everyone

The average small business owner is 60% operations, 30% marketing, 30% finance, and 15% HR. It doesn’t always add-up. Wearing many hats is their quintessential task.

Making that task easier for your members is a powerful way to increase your value as an organization. Our membership software does just that.

With partners like The Bike Cooperative, we’ve observed  that the ability to offer additional benefits like marketing, hiring, and HR tools directly within the membership portal is a powerful way to add network-wide value that keeps members coming back for more. But that’s not all. A solution like Member Center also makes onboarding new members and introducing the value of your organization faster and easier. 

Learn more about the many small-business tools that can be integrated within Member Center.

“Since My Member Center was launched over a year ago, the process of onboarding our new members has completely changed. My Member Center empowers the member to browse through our offerings on their own and easily submit tickets for follow-ups from me. The huge gain of independence allows me to spend less time hand-holding, a pretty impactful change for my role.”
Lacy Winn
Learn how The Bike Cooperative increased member growth and engagement by switching to a new membership platform

Focus on automation and engagement

Automation and analysis tools instantly empower your team to do more with less

Staying in-touch and top-of-mind with your members is an important part of keeping engagement high. But whether you’re brainstorming what to send in the first place or drafting, testing, and sending communications – it takes valuable time. But have you thought about making the bulk of your member communications hands-free

Unlike other membership management tools, Member Center is unique in that it’s powered by a member tracking system that helps you reach out when it’s right. Data tools provide fresh insights about what members are interested in and triggered communications take the next step for you

By automating everyday outreach, your membership platform can easily win back hours of time spent by you and your team.

Focus on amplifying support

Support takes time. Your member management software saves it.

Support is the reason many small businesses seek membership with an organization like yours. But at the same time, it’s not always easy to provide efficiently. 

You and your board know that good, proactive, and authentic outreach are essential. At the same time, every member is different. Some want to talk on the phone, some want to live-chat, and prefer email. Automation is the answer – and the right membership software can help. 

With Member Center, automation reduces everyday administrative back and forth. Instead of spending your time providing logins, resetting passwords, or explaining benefits: your membership portal does it for you. 

Focus on non-dues revenue

Offer more, earn more

Every business has operations and supply costs they’d like to cut. From everyday items like paper and pens to hardware, fuel, and more: a truly comprehensive membership portal should provide a single sign-on to do it in one place

Whether you already have vendor benefits and discounts you’d like to provide access to or you’re adding benefits from our national network of leading providers (or both), Member Center streamlines access and activation in one location. This makes the generation of non-dues revenue faster and more reliable.

Common objections to be ready for

'We already have a membership management system'

Chances are your board may not understand how many systems, tools, and solutions it takes to get your job done. If you’re focused on growing your network, consolidating member information, engagement activities, and data in a single location is task #1. But if outreach and support isn’t streamlined, automated, and efficient, what good is it? With Member Center, the path to more effective engagement and more efficient growth is direct

'A new system will take time to set-up, time we don't have'

Not every membership management platform is built equally. Some require you to do things a specific way, others require hours of set-up, and some make it difficult to integrate your existing benefits and member tools. Member Center is different from day one. 
Whether you’re just getting started, sending email, adding new benefits, or updating your database – you’re never on your own with Member Center. Pre-made launch materials make rolling out your new member platform easy, expert support gives members easy-access to whitelabeled support. The Member Center team is here for you every step of the way.

'There are other, cheaper member management systems available'

Every membership platform is a little different, and so are their prices. Whether you’re comparing start-up prices, yearly-prices, or per-member prices: it’s an exercise in apples and oranges. The real question to ask isn’t “how do they compare?” but “how are they different?”
A private member website, powerful data insights, and easy to manage member databases are one thing. But non-dues revenue, automated engagement, and built-in outreach are another altogether.

'How do we know it's secure?'

When your membership portal is always available anywhere (and on any device), it’s only natural to wonder about security. Fortunately, powerful monitoring tools and access controls ensure that only you, your members, and your chosen prospects can log in. 

Focus on the future

More than ever, the keys to business growth and success are digital. Is your organization’s digital transformation incomplete? Creating a streamlined digital membership experience that’s a win/win for your organization and its small-business members doesn’t have to be difficult. With Member Center it’s not.

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