The virtual membership portal built for growth

With Member Center, dynamic recommendations help members grow while fully-integrated member benefits and convenient controls make member management easy.


Make membership central to member growth

Provide browser-based access to everything your membership offers by combining personalized and automated member services with simple, streamlined management tools. Member Center is a membership platform designed to be easy and impactful on day one.

Other Membership Portals
  • Big setup fees

  • Take months to launch

  • Marketing & coding skills necessary

  • Static experience

  • Reactive content & recommendations

  • Management needed

  • Focused on billing

Our Membership Portal
  • No setup fees

  • Activate in 24 hours

  • All we need is your logo

  • Dynamic experience

  • Proactive content & recommendations

  • Full-service

  • Focused on member business growth


A convenient blend of ‘Done-for-You’ and ‘Do-it-Yourself’

With Member Center, total membership growth is easy. Dynamic recommendations help members grow while fully-integrated member benefits and admin controls make management easy.

Trackable Participation

Integrated Tools

Instantly boost your membership offering with 30+ pre-loaded Member Tools that can be turned on and off at any time.

Member Benefits

Easily turn existing benefits into trackable Member Tools that streamline access and actionability for you and your members.

Personalized Recommendations

Member Boosts

Members see something new every time they login with automated, dynamic action-items, focused on growing business.

Member Insights

Do-it-Yourself action-items draw attention to custom surveys, announcements, and more.

Powerful CMS

Managed Content

Instantly offer white-labeled, industry agnostic member resources like templates, downloads, and guides.

Member Announcements

Add your own documents, posts and messages with Member Center’s Do-it-Yourself content management (CMS) features.

Featured Events

Events Calendar

Keep member’s up-to-date with pre-published dates for small businesses and upcoming holidays.

Member Events

Collect virtual RSVPs for webinars, ticketed events, or networking opportunities by easily adding your own events.

Dynamic Member Experience

Member Data
With insights like Digital Audits and Member Score™, Member Center instantly demonstrates the scope & value of Membership.
Featured Content

Switch up what is highlighted in prominent digital locations to keep things fresh for members every time they log in.

Managed Membership

Member Support

Cut administrative tasks and ensure every member is supported with an outsourced Member Support Team backed by 24/7 AI assistance.

Export Reports

Identify member insights with participation reports that instantly reveal where each member stands.

Simple CRM

Member Database

Centralize your membership list with an easy-to-update list of locations and contacts that drives access and reporting.

List Management

As members and key contacts evolve, easily edit phone numbers, email addresses and more.

Membership Marketing

Marketing Automations

Whether members need a reminder or a follow-up, communications are triggered to each member at the right time.

Content Calendar

Take advantage of our Outsourced Engagement service to schedule posts & emails on days that work for you.

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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Member Center works for Membership

Learn how Member Center helped one partner group increase membership by 20% and program interest by 60% in just one year. Or, see how it works yourself with a free demo.

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